At a Glance


  • Trinity School at Meadow View has been named a U. S. Department of Education 2009 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. It is the only private high school in Virginia to have received this distinction since 2003. The Blue Ribbon is considered the highest award that any U.S. school can receive.


  • Accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools: VAIS(c) 2010.

2016-2017 Enrollment

  • 145 students


  • 19 full-time
  • 2 part-time

Faculty Degrees

  • 2 Ph.D.s
  • 6 Master’s Degrees
  • Remainder hold Bachelor’s Degrees

Student/Faculty Ratio

  • 7:1

2016-2017 Tuition

  • Seventh and Eighth Grades:
  • Ninth through Twelfth Grades:
    Family discount:
    15% for the third child's tuition
    20% for fourth child's tuition

Trinity School has an aggressive financial-aid program. We want to make our school affordable for all qualified candidates. Over half of our student body presently receives grants in aid.

Other Campuses

  • Trinity School at Greenlawn, South Bend, IN
  • Trinity School at River Ridge, Eagan, MN