Welcome to Trinity School

Welcome to Trinity School at Greenlawn! We appreciate your interest in our mission, and we hope our website is useful to you as you search for the right educational choice. Choosing a school today is one of the most important cultural decisions a family can make. We hope, too, that your visit online will encourage you to visit us in person.

Our campus in South Bend, Indiana, is the first in the nationally acclaimed Trinity Schools program. For more than three decades, Trinity Schools have provided a unique culture where young men and women develop the intellectual habits they need for a lifetime of discovering truth, practicing goodness and creating beauty. In our core curriculum, we give all of our students signature learning experiences: Socratic seminars on the best of Western literature, the application of the MatLab computing language to advanced math and science problems, intensive training in writing, with special focus on the analytic essay, and a wide range of performance opportunities, where all our students compose, sing, paint and act.

Our community of learners is coed, but our classes are single sex, with no more than 20 students per classroom. This maximizes the ability of the individual student to learn well and to develop good friendships. Ours is also an ecumenical Christian culture marked by daily prayer and a moral order deeply rooted in Scripture and Christian tradition. Our ecumenism is a sign of Christian unity and one vital source of our common mission to serve God and our neighbors.

We invite you to explore the web site. Follow-up visits are readily available throughout the year, including parental visits during schooldays. We think you will find that Trinity School at Greenlawn offers a culture of learning that stands out as exceptional in the northern Indiana area. Thank you for your online visit. Our admissions team is ready to help, so please let us know how we can serve you.