New Grade - Sixth

With the start of the 2018-19 academic year, Trinity School at Greenlawn will have a seven-year academic program. This is a change for our school; one that we are very excited about and eagerly embrace. The internal feasibility study we conducted last Spring indicated that interest among our constituents is very high and that we have both the physical plant and financial stability to support this addition.

There are several reasons why we have decided to add a sixth grade:
• For many schools in the area, the elementary years are from kindergarten-fifth grades and middle school begins in the sixth. Given this reality, we have determined that a transition from grade five to grade six at Trinity is easier to make.
• We will add new elements of our program that will strengthen our students’ education. We will have more time to train them in developing patterns of thinking and learning that will enable them to complete our whole program more successfully.
• Our educational mission is accomplished through the establishment of a culture which supports learning and the fostering of genuine friendship. We know that bringing sixth-graders into our culture will benefit not only them, but also the entire school community.

The sixth grade year at Trinity will focus on awakening wonder and cultivating a love of learning. The goal is to guide students away from an externally-motivated and grade-driven mode of education into one motivated by their love for and curiosity about the world. Our desire is that students will carry these educational attitudes into the later grades at Trinity, giving them a stronger foundation upon which to learn and thrive. This educational vision undergirds the courses, structure, and pedagogy of the sixth grade program.

Sixth grade classes are characterized by an emphasis on exploration and project-based learning and a de-emphasis on testing, quizzes, and other grade-driven approaches. Homework is kept to a minimum. While sixth grade students are evaluated on their academic performance, they do not receive letter grades but will receive mid-semester checklists, written evaluations and evaluation meetings at the end of the semesters.

For more information about our curriculum for sixth grade, see our Sixth through Eighth Grade page.